ih México is part of one of the biggest language organizations of ih World; we have been collaborating with them for more than ten years, and in this time, we have developed for ih México personalized solutions that cover 100% of their requirements allowing them to grow as one of the best language organizations in Mexico.
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We have developed for ih México platforms that have given them certainty and digital positioning in the academic field, the implemented digital strategies have achieved a continuous increase in sales, improving the user experience in all their digital apps. 



The website is the presentation letter of all the companies and due that they are in the educational field, it was essential to create a more efficient platform for their sales processes and the student’s registration, so for ih México, we created an easy-to-navigate website that allowed the automated enrollment of students, lead capture, and advanced prospecting.




Technology | Pay Online

The technological advances allow us to be more efficient in all the daily activities, including the online purchase of products and services, so because of that, ih México decided to develop a Pay Online platform with us, and in this way to exponentially increase its national sales.

Pay Online

The Pay Online platform has been a success since its first days of launching, the easy navigation and the integration of this tool with their internal processes of administration have set an unprecedent advance in all the history of ih México, Pay Online has allowed the increase of sales and the decrease of the operative cost.


The corporative design is a medullar element in all the companies. With ih México we achieved a design strategy focused in its potential clients, always keeping the corporative parameters that characterize the brand.

Corporative Identity

For more than 10 years we managed to communicate the essence of ih México through designs focused on their audience, giving them an excellent international presentation in corporative materials, digital means of communication, events, and Expos, always transmitting their professionalism and passion for education.




Social Media | Campaigns

Nowadays, social media is a tool to generate positioning, customer loyalty, and attraction of new clients. We have achieved with ih México the implementation of a digital strategy that covered the most important social networks in the moment, Facebook and Twitter, along with the development and application of strategies for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.


Facebook and Twitter were the social networks selected for the implementation of the digital and social media strategy for ih México, succeeding after a few months, with the consolidation of their community in both platforms and creating a fluid and efficient communication link for its clients, who today consider ih Mexico as an important part of their academic and professional growth.