Is your strategy working?

1: Determine if you are reaching your target audience

Being on social networks does not mean having a presence in each of them, since its effectiveness will have to do with being in those that provide you with a strategic sense. In other words, an orientation towards your target audience.

Of course, this will be based on having good market segmentation. And later in determining effectively will be the networks that you must bet on.


Is your strategy working


Therefore, and in addition to a thorough initial study, we recommend that you constantly monitor your levels of attraction and community formation. Be decisive when closing those that are not representing progress. Many times less is more.

2: Monitor the level of achievement of your objectives

Most of the network strategies are based on the fulfillment of objectives per social network. Since each of them can help you in a different way in achieving different results.

Main networks:

  • Facebook: To generate brand awareness, increase visibility, promote and build loyalty.
  • Instagram: To create communities, show services and products, add value and improve image.
  • YouTube: To create content and publicize the brand, products and services.
  • Twitter: To be up-to-date in terms of image and what is said about your brand and product, communicate and dialogue dynamically and establish after-sales service.

Therefore, having these goals clear will make you better set your strategies. And that of course, you can measure them clearly and concisely. This way you can determine if you are using them in the best way, or if you have to make adjustments in your planning.

3: Compliance with KPI’s

Hand in hand with the previous point, the measurement in the fulfillment of your objectives will be the precise key to understand if your network strategy is working.

Therefore, it is very important that you establish your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), which are usually divided into 3 types:


  • Management and Community: Taking as the most used Compliance in the periodicity of publication and the Size of the community.
  • Interaction and Reach: Having as main the Engagement, People Reached, Average Comments per publication, Average Shares per publication, Average likes per publication and Average Users reached per publication. 
  • Conversion and Result: Having as the most used the ROI (Return Of Investment), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CPL (Cost per Lead), conversion percentage and CTR (Click Through Rate).

All of them allowing you a correct management of marketing in social networks that helps to determine in a conclusive way the success, failure, or even, the needs of adjustments in your network strategy.

4: Have an engagement of more than 1%

Of all the KPIs that we saw, it is very important that you give a high value to the measurement of the percentage of commitment. Since it compares the number of interactions with people reached by each publication.

Thus, a good engagement measurement is considered acceptable from 1%, and good from 2%. Remember: the number of Followers is important but much more so, the number of people who actually interact with your brand.


Is your strategy working

5: Identify if you are generating interest and profit

Another essential part to evaluate if your networking strategy is the best, will be from a constant evaluation of your role in networks, based on 4 essential aspects:

  • Generation of interest and conversation: Measuring it through interactions. Among them: questions, comments and information request messages.
  • Level of recognition: For example, through direct searches with your name.
  • Usefulness of the content: With the creation of content that generates community. In other words, combining informative and aspirational content with that which offers you solutions; being measured, likewise, by the number of interactions or Call to Actions attended.
  • Relevance level: Through external references or mentions in the media, networks and blogs.

As you can see, all of them focused on recognition and utility, since currently it is not enough to offer presence. You also have to give substance to generate a high impact in the medium and long term.

6: Measure your level of web traffic

Undoubtedly, knowing your level of web traffic is highly valuable, since the relevant actions can be implemented on the visits to achieve conversions to records or leads. Expand the number of subscribers, and of course, make a sale.

So, pay attention to the channels you are using and explore new options.

Highly effective channels:

  • Organic: Search engine visits.
  • Social: Visits from social networks.
  • Reference: Visits to external web pages.
  • Email: Email marketing campaign visits.
  • Paid: Visits to online advertising campaigns in Adwords or social networks.
  • Channel visualization: Visits to advertising campaigns on other websites or remarketing.
  • Other channel: Visits that come from other channels.

It also uses tools such as Google Analytics, which will tell you how much traffic your activity on social networks is generating, so that you know which one to boost according to your goals.

You will know if your network strategy is working

As you can see, a large part of the key to knowing if your networking strategy is working is based on 2 main premises: monitor and measure.

Well, from your results you will be able to determine if your actions are correct, or if, on the contrary, they are not having the success you expect.


Is your strategy working