We always aspire to have the best Social Media campaigns. Each venture, each effort to penetrate a new market or present an innovation in your services requires that your company immerse yourself in the sometimes chaotic world of Social Networks.

Many times the presence online and in networks can be frustrating and perhaps it is because they have not had the correct approach, perhaps someone is missing to guide you more safely in the design of your campaigns.

Below, we present a series of steps that will give you the push you need to improve your campaigns on Social Networks.


“Be smart”, we advise you at this point. We are not talking about a traditional definition of intelligence, but about establishing SMART objectives in the design and execution of Social Network campaigns.

SMART is a technique that is incredibly useful for making better Social Media campaigns since it tells us how to state our objectives in a specific way (Specific), measurable (Measurable), achievable (Achievable), relevant (Relevant) and with a defined time ( Time Bound).

Our goals need to be specific because that tells us more clearly what we hope to achieve: some increase in sales, more interactions, and more brand awareness; we may want to convey a specific message in that season. They must be measurable because that way we will know if the efforts bear fruit or if we have to correct some aspects. The campaign seeks achievable goals and therefore it is not worth aiming for

objectives that are not clearly within our reach; For example, I cannot aspire to increase my sales beyond my installed capacity or well above what has been achieved in comparable periods.

A relevant objective must make sense to grow your sales or brand recognition, do not waste your efforts in achieving something that does not translate into something concrete. Finally, consider the time factor, and give it a defined period to be able to measure whether or not the campaign was successful. do not despair.

2: “Tune” to the right channel

Choosing the channel on which you will focus your campaign depends on several variables. Do you want to be massive or specific? What does your buyer persona say? Are you a teenager obsessed on Tik Tok or Snapchat? Can you reach it on LinkedIn by building relationships with other professionals? Is it someone with strong opinions on Twitter?

Launching a Social Networks campaign in the wrong channel is the formula for failure and, in any case, it is not a simple decision, it requires a lot of reflection to decide who we want to reach, where we are going to locate it and decide the type of message that we are going to send you while browsing your Social Networks. Use all the data you’ve collected about your buyer persona to choose the right channel so you can build a meaningful relationship and give them content they really care about.

3: Are the best Social Media campaigns organic or paid?

Again there is no simple answer to this question. It may initially be very necessary to invest resources to achieve greater reach. We are interested in being seen, known or remembered. Conveying our brand’s messages may require a thoughtful investment in our market segment and that is precisely its advantage: being paid, the platforms will show our campaigns to people who are in the segment that interests us and who are more likely to hear our message.


best social media campaigns

Organic reach, on the other hand, has no cost to our brand, it comes “naturally” from users who already know us and are willing to promote the value they have obtained from our product or service. This type of content is perceived as less intrusive by providing first-hand information to other potential customers.

However, it is difficult to depend on one or the other type of reach, therefore, the most recommendable approach is to combine paid reach with organic reach, with the aim of progressively reducing the budget to promote our content so that the organic content takes a greater role.

4: Define your budget

How much is the company willing to spread its messages? Once again it is time to evaluate the objectives that are intended to be achieved. At the same time, the budget must be consistent with the size of the company, from what has already been allocated in the annual budget, or see if there is scope to make specific changes in the projects. It is important to be aware of reality while remaining determined and firm.

We start a campaign because we appreciate that it is necessary and that requires resources. There are various techniques to determine the budget of a Social Media campaign.


best social media campaigns


The definition of the budget will be subject to the objectives, buyer persona and type of product or service that you want to position. It is best to measure the investment and increase or decrease as you get results.

5: Tools to measure

The campaign has been launched to the public, your message is circulating and it is time to find out how it is working, who it has impacted, how far it has reached… It is essential to have tools that allow you to program and measure the reach of your content, as well as control the investment amount.

There are several tools available to perform the measurement of social media campaigns:

  • Google Analytics: Reports the traffic that reaches the websites according to the audience, the acquisition, the behavior and the conversions that are carried out.
  • HubSpot: Offers a full suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools for businesses of all sizes.
  • Social Bakers: It has a software platform as a marketing service: Socialbakers Suite.
  • Moz: Offers tools that facilitate SEO, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing.
  • Adobe Marketing Club: It is a collection of integrated online marketing and web analytics products from Adobe.

Measuring your campaigns on a daily basis will give you the necessary elements to replace, cancel or reinvest in those messages that have generated the most conversions, this is how the best Social Network campaigns grow.

6. Don’t be afraid to reinvest

When the campaign has concluded it is time to review what has worked and what has not. Compare the initial objective with the results, see if the modifications that could have occurred during the campaign had the desired effects.

It must be clarified that the best Social Network campaigns are constant efforts, if your campaign has not yet reached the point of generating enough organic reach, it is not advisable to simply discard it. As we said before, the best way is to continue with a mix of efforts and not get discouraged easily. Our advice is that you take the opportunity to analyze the information collected and use it as an opportunity to evolve your campaigns.

If you are ready to receive advice on how to improve your campaigns on social networks and achieve the objectives, at Play Interactive ® we are waiting for you.