Secrets to having a successful social media campaign

There is nothing simple about launching a successful Social Media campaign, there are many techniques and tools that you must master to enter the intricate world of a campaign. It is not convenient to waste an effort, and an investment, sending the wrong messages to your potential customers. Or even, you can send the correct messages in a channel where they are not.

Thinking about these difficulties, we show you these secrets that will be useful when launching a campaign. 

1: Design of a successful campaign on Social Networks

The secret of a successful campaign in social networks lies in the intelligent design of messages, an adequate choice of communication channels and timely management of reactions. The design must know how to differentiate the channel and adapt to the buyer persona. Sometimes it is intended to save resources and uniform messages and formats are sent when it is more convenient to adapt to each channel specifically.

The development of a description of a buyer persona is essential when you design a campaign on Social Networks, said description addresses demographic aspects such as age, gender, educational level and income; your interests and behaviors and where you are located geographically. This way we will know that we are targeting the right segment on the channels they prefer.


successful campaign on social media


2: Plan your strategy

It is necessary to outline your strategy before fully entering Facebook or another network to advertise an ad. There are many things to plan before, such as checking if you have enough attractive content for the buyer persona; You must also choose a visual style, have ready materials (images, videos), and find a tone of voice for your content.

It is essential to understand what the objective of the campaign is since there are different types depending on your needs.

  • Attraction campaigns: Attract the attention of your target audience for the first time.
  • Connection campaigns: Establish meaningful emotional relationships with your customers, increase loyalty to your brand
  • Conversion campaigns: Encourage user actions on your website or Social Networks.
  • Retargeting campaigns: They are aimed at an audience that has already interacted in the past with your content on Social Networks or a specific page.

Knowing what type of campaign you need will improve your strategy and with it your chances of success.

3: Choice of channels

It is time to choose the Social Networks in which you want to focus to launch your campaign. It is recommended to look for the ideal combination considering the previously assembled strategy. Facebook has a massive reach, but depending on your goals, you might opt ​​for a more specific network like LinkedIn. Perhaps your content is ideal for Pinterest or Instagram following a visually oriented style.


successful campaign on social media


Every product is different, as is your budget to stick to and the ad formats you select. Here we share the list of communication channels that allow Social Network campaigns.

Facebook Ads. Facebook is the platform with the greatest reach, it has very complete segmentation data.

Instagram Ads. The network with the most acceptance at the moment, it is possible to combine your campaign with Facebook ads, it has more effective algorithms in video formats and featured stories.

YouTube Ads. It is very effective because the “forced” ads are just like the old TV commercials. It must be taken into account that there are users who pay for the premium version to avoid advertising.

LinkedIn Ads. This platform launched its ad platform; It is not the one that gives the best results at a massive level, but if your product or service is focused on this channel, it is a good option to keep the Ads active.

4: Management and listening

One of the secrets to a successful campaign on social networks is that you should monitor it while it is active, not just to schedule your Ads or see if it is generating the impact you expect if it gives you conversions or sales. Be on the lookout for potential crises that ruin your campaign effort. Precisely, by becoming more visible, not only do interactions or sales increase, comments and complaints increase.

Campaign management, therefore, includes a task of managing and monitoring the reactions that our brand provokes in any of the networks. Spot negative feedback, analyze it, and always respond with a solution. In order for people to continue trusting your brand, you must comply with the solution and follow it up in writing. Finally, you must remember that it is not a personal matter, it is not a claim against you, so you and your team must be very assertive when receiving a complaint or negative comment.

It is in this part of the campaign where it is usually very useful to have professional advice to help you correctly process the comments. We must avoid at all costs escalating a conflict with our client, he must feel appreciated by your brand and the people behind it.

5: Analysis of results

Finally, it is essential to review the results of the campaign. See the high and low points of the metrics offered by Social Networks to assess what worked and what should be improved or perhaps eliminated. We should not fear if the first time we launch a campaign it does not have the ideal or imagined results. A successful campaign on Social Networks is not built overnight, it can evolve and correct.

The analysis of the data of all the ads in each partner network will give you the tools to decide what you should replace, cancel or reinvest in those that have generated the most conversions.

For more information on how to successfully launch your campaign on Social Networks, we invite you to go to the experts at Play.Interactive®.