Digital Strategy for Restaurants

Nowadays many restaurants and SMEs in general ask themselves: why invest or why make a marketing strategy?

Some others for their part have started managing social networks using internal personnel without any experience or preparation in order to reduce the cost of having an agency.

A smart investment in marketing will help your restaurant attract more diners. This won’t replace good service and customer experience, but it will give you the opportunity to let more people know about your business.

If you do not have the budget to hire an agency and decide to take the issue in your hands and do your marketing internally. It is important that you have a strategy so that the efforts you wish to implement have. Here are these tips that can be very helpful.


Optimize or create your website

Make sure everyone can find you quickly when they search for you on the internet. Optimize your website or create one, not that it is spectacular, it must contain the essentials:

  • The location of the restaurant.
  • And your food menu.

There are several options to create your site with very little investment or even free. Although the ideal is always to have your website tailored to your needs, using one of these tools is a good start that will help you generate the information you need.

Digital Strategy for Restaurants

Remember to use the language of your clients so that you find yourself more easily.

Manage your social networks

It is essential that you have profiles on social networks, the most common and recommended for restaurants on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can achieve quickly through strategies that allow regular diners to make a profit when they come to your restaurant and some associated promotions for new diners.

Digital Strategy for Restaurants

Brand do

Making yourself a household name is one of the main reasons why most restaurants invest in a good marketing strategy. Getting your space to be recognized and traditional is a challenge.

The best way to obtain customer loyalty is:

  • A good food.
  • Good service.
  • An excellent experience during and after consumption.

Offers free and quality Wi-Fi

The diner’s experience must be memorable so that they are willing to recommend it to their relatives.

Digital Strategy for Restaurants

Create alliances

In the restaurant market, customers look for options on several platforms in addition to Google, the more presence you will have, the easier they will find you.

Remember to sign up for the main services available in your area such as OpenTable or Rappi.

Give exclusive offers to the best customers

Another digital strategy for restaurants that we recommend is that you make incredible offers through collective purchasing platforms such as:

  • Groupon y LetsBonus.

It is advisable to have a periodicity and constancy to achieve the objectives.

Design a marketing plan