How to close more sales?

As we saw in the previous post, invasive strategies (both commercial and marketing) are a thing of the past. And if in addition, one of the most frequent questions in your company or business is: how to close more sales?

Inbound Marketing is also the answer.

Without a doubt, with these 7 Inbound techniques that you will see below, you will realize that collaboration between sales and marketing is more than necessary. Well, the commitment and completion of any sales process is closely related.

1: Change the strategy from push to pull

The first of the techniques to know how to close more sales, it is precisely about changing the marketing and sales strategy from a push type to a pull type. Well, each of them have very characteristics that can make all the difference:

How to close more sales?

That is, with a pull strategy, our consumer will be the one who will look for us at the time of need, finding us easily through a good inbound and content strategy.

2: Change the way you do public relations

Digital media has changed everything. Since before, the only way we had to do PR was in person or using traditional media. While now we have a very large range of social networks and media to achieve it.

The best thing is that there are of all kinds as well as directed and personalized to each consumer. Easily reaching a larger and more relevant audience. And of course, it increases the speed in the propagation of any information.

3: Build a community

Hand in hand with the previous point, another of the techniques to know how to close more sales will be the construction of a community through your social networks, website or blog. Well, through this loyal group of followers you will not only be able to communicate your offers, products and services, but also know what is said about your brand.

Always listening and analyzing the dialogues around you. Likewise, the growth of trust and the ties created by value chains will go through the roof, thereby increasing sales. And of course, the certainty in other matters such as advice and after-sales services.

4: Apply SEO strategies to generate search engine positioning


This means that the optimization of your website is so important to increase visibility and thus appear (at least) on the first page of results.

Remember that search engines are based on 2 essential elements to position yourself:

Authority: Based on the value of the information, which is ranked through popularity and “shares”.

Relevance: Based on the relationship that a page has to a given search.

Thus, by applying SEO strategies we increase, at the same time, our techniques to know how to close more sales. These make your website more useful, both for potential customers and for the search engines themselves.

5: Create content for specific profiles

Another of the most effective Inbound techniques to know how to close more sales is to create content according to the definition of the buyer profiles they want.

This is how this content should have the function of guiding your potential customers to your website from their search engine queries. Providing answers to their questions at the right time and also achieving the following sales-related objectives:

  • Deliver the “perfect” contact to the sales team so that they have the best opportunity to close a deal.
  • Analyze and qualify the most suitable leads for the purchase.
  • Provide a solid database of current and potential clients..

In this way, the creation of content (through blogs, electronic books, social networks, etc.) will be the magnet of attraction to find the ideal clients.

6: Have a blog

It is proven that having a blog is a perpetual asset of generating traffic and leads. Of course, as long as the information you provide is of high quality so that it supports a reference image in your sector or topic.


How to close more sales

Following up on different topics or doubts of your audience’s interest, thus causing a captive audience that will look to you to solve their doubts. And with this, increase the chances of closing more sales.

7: Include call to action

Your web page, video or blog may have many views but these may not be having the desired effect. It is all because visitors do not know or are not clear about what the next step may be.

Hence, it is so important as a technique to know how to close more sales: to include calls to action. And it is that these buttons can lead us to have the perfect information to do the proper monitoring. Strengthening an effective and potential customer base.

How to close more sales? 7 Inbound techniques

As we saw, knowing how to close more sales through Inbound techniques is really simple. Well, it is a clear methodology focused on the interests of today’s world. Making old methods obsolete, as fewer and fewer people are attracted to them.

So promote Inbound, not only as a Marketing tool, but also as another way to increase business flow.

Well, it is a fact that the generation of value will automatically increase sales.