Channels to position your company on the Internet

As we saw previously, an essential question to know if our network strategies are working is to measure your level of web traffic. Paying special attention to the channels to position your company.

Of course, the selection of these channels must be scrupulous, not massive. And of course, assuming the planning and execution of an entire work and monitoring plan. Each one must be worked on constantly, in order to create the brand image that you really want.

In marketing, quality will always be worth more than quantity.


1: Content, SEO and SEM

It is already a fact, content marketing is precisely what today is generating more leads and conversions, since currently value is not only sought in the product or service, but also (and sometimes to a greater extent) in advice and after sales, turning to us as an expert (and not just as a seller).

Therefore, this growth in the reputation of your company will be read mainly through 2 channels to position your company:


channels to position your company

SEO – Search Egine Optimization

  • Generation of qualified traffic to our website to increase the conversion rate.
  • Increased brand visibility and visibility, creating an advantage against your competitors.

All this aimed at increasing your digital relevance and of course, your loyalty levels.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

  • Reach your consumers at the right time when they are researching products or services.
  • Achieve a high return on investment, since you only pay for the clicks that the ads receive.

This is how a joint SEM and SEO strategy is essential to always appear in the first places of search engines.

2: SMO and social media

Without a doubt, another of the main channels to position your company is the SMO (Social Media Optimization). Here the optimization of all your social networks is contemplated, seeking to improve your positioning in them. But not through being present in each one of them, but rather, choosing the ones that go according to the profile of your company.

These will be the ones that will truly bring you profitable results.

5 essential benefits
  1. Know the preferences, opinions and tastes of your consumers (potential and real).
  2. Establish direct communication, with permanent availability.
  3. Know the trends and movements of the market.
  4. Bring your brand closer to consumers informally and quickly.
  5. Know what is said about your company and your products.And do not forget, although we are all users of them, it is almost always recommended to use a specialized marketing agency.

Managing an online community is not so simple, since the numbers of followers or visitors will multiply the need for activity and immediate response.

3: Email marketing

Contrary to popular belief, Email marketing continues to be one of the main and most effective channels to position your company, since it is based on a list of subscribers who have already given their consent for the information and promotions to be delivered to them as regularly.

In this way, users can access the content when they require it, also offering the following advantages:

Channels to position your company on the Internet

Make sure you always offer quality content and have a “permission marketing” basis so that you are not considered spam. You will compensate the subscription with quality, and you will even create a base of affiliates to help you promote yourself.

4: Rich Media

Considered by many to be a type of PPC channel, Rich Media, is a term that describes advertisements on web pages, electronic directories, blogs, etc.

With advanced functions such as video, sound or other elements. Almost always through banners, pop-ups, lightboxes, and videos. They attract viewers and get them to interact with the content.

HTML5 technology

Ads can include multiple levels of content in a single placement: videos, games, tweets following an ad, etc., creating the following key benefits:

  • Engaging experience that results in a higher engagement rate.
  • Increase in conversion rate, target clicks and views.

Resulting in better metrics than with traditional ads.

Channels to position your company on the Internet

As we can see, the success of a digital marketing strategy will be based, to a great extent, on having an adequate mix of channels to position your company on the Internet. Focusing efforts on those that will really pay off in your bet of:

  • Money.
  • Weather.
  • And effort.

Without a doubt, isolated efforts are not successful, so set your sights on creating a whole grain bread that helps you increase traffic on your channels. This plan will lead to the growth of your visibility and the improvement of your reputation.

Finally, do not forget to focus your efforts on quality, as this will be what really increases the acquisition, conversion and loyalty of your customers. And so you can eliminate any barrier through a solid online presence.