Make better decisions in your company with data driven marketing and sell more

Data driven marketing and sales objectives

If we take into account that last year we already exceeded 40 trillion gigabytes in the world, it is not surprising that the ability to have, understand and use information is one of the master keys to the success of any objective within your company . And of course also within the sales area.

Data driven applied to marketing

The use of data driven within marketing can help your company create differentiated strategies for your potential clients. And it will be according to specific data that allow you to interact in a unique way with each person.

The data driven applied to digital marketing can actively help the analysis of trends, behaviors and habits. Based on the acquisition of this data mainly through social networks.

And, if we take into account that there are more than 75 billion smart devices around the world, can you imagine how much you can get?

Data driven marketing applied to improve your sales

Data driven marketing can actively help our sales, we can mention 5 essential points that can help to visualize the importance and use of this methodology:

  • 360 ° vision of your target audience
  • Profile segmentation
  • Value relationships based on interaction and connection • Personalized audience marketing
  • Deep measurement of results, which leads to obtaining clear improvement guidelines.

In addition to getting a good evaluation of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts; clear accounts of what was intended and what was actually achieved for the benefit of increased sales.

Benefits of Data Driven Marketing
Data driven marketing can also give you other commercial advantages, including these benefits.Thus, achieving a customer-oriented vision, as well as streamlining decision-making with full confidence based on real base information. 

Adopt the data driven marketing approach in your company

The best way to adapt data drive marketing in your company can be simple, although it takes a lot of determination. And a good data analysis team to translate all those numbers into an effective sales strategy.

These 6 points that we present below can be of great help to take the first steps.

  • Integrate new tools and technology focused on Big Data management
  • Define the relevant data and how it will be collected:
  • It collects in the first stage data on consumer habits and behavior and demographic information
  • Consider introducing Marketing Automation or Social listening specialists or tools
  • Perform a data collection with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or any CRM platform
  • Take a continuous measurement.

Challenges of data driven marketing

It is time to also talk about the challenges of this technology, as being advised by an expert will be of vital importance. As well as the development and implementation of tools for the definition of a strategy focused on achieving your objectives can be somewhat challenging.

This last point, achieved most of the time, through specialized CRMs that allow qualifying leads and aligning a single vision.