5 reasons to have a blog on your website

We know that you are aware that blogging is an essential part of a good Inbound Marketing strategy, but are you really clear about the reasons for having a blog?

Next, we will tell you more about each of them so that you can discover all the benefits of this incredible tool.

1: Drive traffic to your website and convert leads

The first and most fundamental reason to have a blog? Drive more traffic to your website by being:

  • A way to create a more indexed page on the website, which means an extra opportunity to appear in the search engine results page (SERP) in any organic search.
  • A form of updating so that the engines review more frequently the content that appears on your site.

And so, by having more traffic, you will also have a greater chance of converting this flow into new potential customers through an essential sub-tool of any blog: calls to action or calls to actions that generate leads through driving to landing pages with:

reasons to have a blog

We assure you that, although it is impossible to convert 100% of visitors into leads, it is very possible to establish a percentage or specific reference for the conversion rate, which can be improved as the content becomes more specialized.

Remember, there are statistics that indicate that of the 100% of visitors who arrive at the website, only 5% are ready to talk to a seller or make a purchase, so the remaining 95% will leave without taking any action. Blogging can be an option to reverse these numbers.

2: Help with link building

According to HubSpot, 41% of SEO experts say that link building is the most challenging part of search optimization, hence the second reason to have a blog is incredible, because it will help us the creation of Inbound Links or backlinks, since the creation of valuable content will be essential not only for potential clients, but also for companies that the audience considers leaders, being able to increase the possibility of obtaining relevant links.

Thus, we will see that these links to authorized websites will serve as a “premium” recommendation and a vote of confidence, positioning the entry (and with it the website) as a reliable and expert source in the industry.

Second translation? Link building will help you build your domain authority, i.e. increasing the probability that your domain will appear in the SERPs compared to your competitors.

3: Strengthen the brand in the long term

And, speaking of domain, the next reason to have a blog will also talk about its importance in building an image as a leader and authority in the industry, establishing it as a concrete traffic and conversion metric.


reasons to have a blog


Creating a much more productive and faster sales conversation, even positioning sales staff as a useful knowledge resource and generating one of the most essential assets for any brand: trust.

4: Use and improve content for social networks

On the other hand, the fourth of the reasons to have a blog will directly impact another aspect of your marketing strategy: social networks, as it will help you:

  • Maintain a constant presence in them.
  • Reuse content to share, creating relevant “content repositories”.
  • Open exposure to potential new audiences through shares and likes.
  • Help disseminate not only information, but also relevant news about your brand: changes in products/services, showcases, events, etc.

Establishing a symbiotic relationship of growth and nutrition between blog and social networks and, in turn, increasing business opportunities and SMO positioning.

5: More long-term results… without working harder

Finally, the last reason to have a blog is that it will provide you with what we all yearn for: more results without having to work extra. How is this? Because blogs will give you:

  • Publications that once classified will give you traffic and leads for weeks, months and even years.
  • Possibility of monetizing the content through strategies or business models such as affiliate marketing where you recommend relevant products or services.

Thus we will see that the more publications the blog has, the greater the number of so-called “perennial” or “compound”, that is, those that will give you long-term results.

And, remember, even those posts that may not have been as successful at the time will be able to generate a predictable amount of traffic that will be worth the effort to create.


reasons to have a blog

All the reasons to have a blog

According to HubSpot, having a blog increases the chances of achieving a good position by no less than 434%; a statistic to open mouths that is justified by everything we saw: blogging improves every aspect of the company, from its positioning, social networks, image and, of course, sales.

So, if you want to start with your personalized blogging strategy, contact Play.Interactive®. We help you!