How to know if your Digital Marketing agency is good

Hiring a Digital Marketing agency is a good strategy to get closer to your clients so that they know your services and know that your company is the best option to satisfy their needs. However, it is a great decision because you must be sure that the chosen agency is the right one for your company, likewise, you must be equally satisfied with the advice and strategies you receive.

 Next, we will address a series of points that you must do to know if you are in good hands on the way to taking advantage of all the advantages of having a Digital Marketing agency.

1:Research references

Perhaps the most obvious way to know if a Digital Marketing agency is good is to look for references about their work, look for success stories, ask among your acquaintances who have used agency services and learn from their experiences.

Search online and offline until you have a clear idea of the type of company you are dealing with, this is important because you must develop a relationship of trust, since your Digital Marketing agency will have the responsibility of getting closer to your clients, not only It is not about the money that you will invest in their strategies, but your relationship with your client can be compromised due to a mistake when choosing the right agency.

Some of the points you should check about your Digital Marketing agency are the following: 

digital marketing agency is good 

2:  Your Digital Marketing agency is good if it is interested in your company

It can happen that a Digital Marketing agency is too interested in itself, in obtaining or maintaining one more account and not really in delighting you as a client. The attention of an agency that follows the principles of Inbound Marketing will be focused on your needs and those of your clients.

You have to be very careful that the strategies offered by your Marketing agency are not generic, but that they are born from a deep collaboration, from the knowledge of your products or services and of your buyer persona, that is, of the people who need them and who are looking for them.

The agency must give you the assurance that it will give you a professional treatment, it must collect useful information that will later become strategies and actions that will add value. If you detect that she is more interested in selling herself than in finding ways to delight you and commit to your goals, it is time to find a new ally.

Our advice is that you choose an agency that applies the Inbound Marketing methodology, that is, that not only focuses on improving the appearance of your page, but also seeks to get more people interested in your content, convert them into sales opportunities and delights as your customers and in the end they are promoters of your brand.

3: It’s all about data

When we talk about a digital environment, everything is measurable. On the internet, you can corroborate it, there are many ways in which users interact when they visit your website and your social networks. You must be sure that your Digital Marketing agency is good at collecting and interpreting the information and metrics that come from Google Analytics, Facebook Statistics, among other sources.

The reports that your agency gives you should not only be comprehensive, but also useful. You must know what to do with the information and it must correspond to previously agreed SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and on time).

The data you receive from the Digital Marketing agency is not for you to get “dizzy” with numbers. Another warning sign is that you feel that you only receive numbers that disguise a bad strategy, it is not what you want to achieve with the people who approach your channels and it is definitely not what they promised you. Your task is to evaluate the quality of the information. A good Digital Marketing agency will be able to give you results on:

  • Customer conversion rate
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • customer life cycle
  • Consumer buying stage
  • Payback time on investment (ROI)
  • Percentage of customers originating from marketing

This, and other data, can show you more concrete results about the strategies that specialists have developed and implemented for your company.

4: ROI: a Digital Marketing agency is good if your investment pays off

Before we mentioned that one of the most important metrics is the so-called ROI (Return of Investment), frequently translated as “return on investment”. Although we know that the objective of your company is not only focused on profits, but on giving an efficient response to the problems of your clients, it is also true that resources must be taken care of and, if an investment is made in Marketing campaigns Digital, it is our obligation to ensure that the results correspond to the figures projected when the campaign began.

The ROI is obtained through a formula that indicates the percentage of profits obtained from sales over the total money invested in them. That way you can know how much your company has earned from the efforts invested in marketing.

So, knowing that the investment in Digital Marketing translates into sales and, even more importantly, into meaningful and long-term relationships with your clients, is the most important clue to whether or not you should maintain your relationship with that agency.

digital marketing agency is good

The purpose is to create closeness with customers at any stage of the buyer’s journey, the Digital Marketing agency must facilitate this process, do not forget it.

5: How much will it cost me?

When making a business decision, it will always be important to evaluate its cost-benefit, there are always limitations due to the realities of the budget, the specific moment of the company, where the priorities of the resources are placed, etc. So, when evaluating whether collaboration with a digital marketing agency is good for the company, it is inevitable to calculate the financial implications with its advantages and disadvantages.

It is therefore a strategic decision. You should not choose “because it is the one that is enough for me”, although the budget is a factor of great weight, sometimes it is worth remembering that it is about investing to attract, interact and delight your customers.

If the digital marketing efforts are successful, the investment will return (remember we already talked about ROI) and the initial fears about the cost will vanish. In summary: the best agency is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but the one that understands you and your company, the one that adapts to your needs and helps you attract your clients, the one that gives you measurements and useful data and guarantees a higher Return on your Investment.

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